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I am interested in the intersection of the disciplines of ecology, physiology and behavior. My questions all center around metabolism, energy budgets, dominance, flight, and feeding mechanisms (for now)! I continually invest in broadening scientific communication and consider the story telling of science both the crux and cornerstone of engaging more communities in research. Thank you for visiting my website! Want to know a little more about my research, experience, or publications? Feel free to reach out to me directly regarding talks, resources, or collaborations! 



Physiological Ecology | Behavioral Ecology | Energetics | Ecophysiology| Stable Isotope Physiology | Respirometry

here are a few of my recent projects, hover over to learn more, or head to my research page

3D Modelling Projects

CT scans, photogrammetry, & visualizations

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3D Modelling Projects: CT scans, photogrammetry, & visualizations


Thermal Projects

FLIR cameras, R code and ImageJ to investigate hummingbird thermoregulation


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